Curriculum Vitae

If you are interested what my (academic and work) life has been up to so far, you made it to the right page!

06/2017 – ?  Postdoctoral researcher, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

02/2012-      PhD in Geology, The University of Edinburgh

Title: “A study of natural CO2 reservoirs – mechanisms and pathways for leakage and implications for geologically stored CO2”.

The thesis has three key aspects:

  • A compilation of natural CO2 reservoirs world-wide, based on published literature, well reports and well logs, has been used to analyse mechanisms for retention and migration of CO2 in the subsurface. Faults have been identified as key migration pathways.
  • Two natural analogues were studied in detail regarding their fault seal characteristics and geomechanical reactivation potential. I was able to demonstrate that CO2 leakage along a fault can be predicted with a calibrated fault seal analysis.
  • Using geochronology (234U – 230Th) the age of carbonate rocks that formed due to CO2 rich waters reaching the surface along a fault trace was determined. Combined with the geomorphology of the deposits this made it possible to calculate CO2 migration rates along a fault and it could be shown that these rates are low compared to the volume of stored CO2.

03/2015       Consulting work for a current UK CCS project developer

Comparing the geological structure, caprock and reservoir geology, and reservoir fluid composition of a possible CO2 storage site to natural CO2 reservoirs, existing storage sites and CO2-EOR reservoirs to identify possible risks for CO2 migration and injection problems.

08/2011-      Consultant for Total E&P Netherlands and GdF-SUEZ E&P Netherlands

Following the work carried out in my diploma thesis the methods developed were applied to a larger area in order to create a more robust dataset. The results were in line with the outcome of the diploma thesis.

09/2006-      Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Geology (1.2; excellent)
07/2011       Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Thesis:  “Diagenesis of the Lower Slochteren Sandstone Formation, Southern North Sea” in cooperation with Total E&P Netherlands and GdF-SUEZ E&P Netherlands

The reservoir properties of hydrocarbon reservoir sandstones in the Southern North Sea are strongly related to diagenetic features such as mineral precipitation and dissolution. This detailed study showed a dependency of sandstone reservoir properties, especially the intensity of carbonate cementation, from the spatial distance from mudstones.



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