Don’t panic! – Or T minus 72 days

In my last blog post I made a grave mistake. I wrote that I had 91 days left until I want to hand in my PhD. It turns out it was only 84… and now only 72 days! At the moment I am not sure how I feel about it – should I panic? Should I feel relieved? And most important of all – am I going to make it?

This is what I wanted to achieve when I wrote about writing up in December (ah, was I naive back then!):

12. January: Draft of Chapter 3.
6. February: Draft of Chapter 2.
1. March: Draft Chapter 1.
1 . April: Draft Chapter 4.
12. April: Draft of Chapter 5.
19. April: Appendix done

So far I haven’t even managed to make the 12. January deadline! However, I did not do nothing… I actually finished (I think) Chapter 2 (including Appendix) yesterday 🙂 Chapter 3 is to maybe 70% done (started Discussion this week) and I am hoping I can finish it by the end of February with only 1.5 months delay. I am still struggling with some software issues but have solved most of them. The big issue about my fourth chapter still is that I do not have a lot of data (and none that works), so that will be interesting to write!

I basically spent the last two weeks working away, and I can already feel that keeping that up for another 2 months or so is going to be quite exhaustive. I think my social life starts to suffer a bit as well, but that was expected to happen. I still haven’t found my perfect working pattern, but I think I am getting there. From next week on I want to change things up a bit and try to go for a (short) run every other afternoon, maybe that will help with some of the focus issues I have had in the late afternoon lately 🙂 I decided to not push my coffee consumption as I realized that I have sleeping issues if I have more than 4 cups a day (very surprising, is it not?).

 Yesterday I was able to get up early and take some pictures of the sunrise (not a good idea workwise – my productivity in the afternoon was close to zero) and I think I got a few good shots. Going outside and do something different helps me to put my work into perspective and to not get totally worked up about it!


St. Abbs Head Lighthouse at sunrise!


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